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Other services

At Standard Ledger, we aim to provide you all the financial supporting services you may need while you’re growing your startup.  See below for some of the additional services you may need from time to time that we may be able to help you with ….

Valuation Services

Employee Share Schemes

From time to time and particularly around under the latest Employee Share Schemes you’ll need to determine the market value of the shares at any given point, including in the Employee Share Scheme Statements you’re required to issue to employees annually (by 14 July) and the Employee Share Scheme (ESS) annual report you’re required to lodge with the ATO by 14 August.

We can quickly prepare a CPA-certified Method 1 statement for you to confirm the market value of shares if you can provide us your Balance Sheet and latest up to date share register and meet the following criteria:

  1. your startup hasn’t raised $10m in previous 12 months;
  2. your startup is less than 7 years old or has less than $2m revenue; and
  3. your startup prepares financial reports.

Standard Book Valuation

If you’re beyond your initial startup stage and do not meet all the above criteria phase the valuation rules are more stringent.  We provide an independent accountant-certified review of your accounts, along with a high level review of any underlying asset values in your accounts which we then use to provide a book valuation.

The effort required to complete these valuations can vary according to their complexity.  Please get in contact for a fixed quote based on your circumstances.

More complex businesses

If you require independent external validation of vehicle, business and property values we recommend that you use a certified business valuer.

Tax implications

Note that if shares are issued at a discount to independent valuations, there are likely to be tax implications for any incoming investor/employee shareholder.  Please contact us if you require tax advice in these circumstances.


ESS Valuation

  • Services

    Prepare ESS valuation under the ATO safe harbour guidelines

  • Includes
    • Review Balance Sheet
    • Review Shares on issue
    • Prepare CPA certified Valaution

Startup Book Valuation

From $550
  • Services

    Prepare valuation using the most appropriate valuation method

  • Includes
    • Review Balance Sheet
    • Review underlying asset values in your accounts
    • Review Shares on issue
    • Prepare CPA certified Valuation

*All prices include GST.
These services require payment in full prior to release of the final materials.