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Standard Ledger is pleased to work with great partners who share our commitment to providing a quality, seamless service for our clients.

General Standards

Standard Ledger’s sister company, General Standards, are Australia’s only dedicated startup lawyers. General Standards provide low, fixed-price fees to help you get your business up and running, legally. Together, General Standards and Standard Ledger provide a seamless experience in setting up and monitoring the performance of your startup, so you can focus on doing what you do best.


Xero‘s financial system is at the core of everything we do.  Xero is used by thousands of accountants, bookkeepers, financial advisors, financial advisors and hundreds of thousands business owners.  The intuitive design and advanced features of Xero make accounting accessible for everyone.  We wouldn’t use anything else for our own needs or our clients.

Receipt Bank

Standard Ledger has partnered exclusively with Receipt Bank to manage your invoices and receipts.  Once you email through your invoices or snap ‘n send a picture via your iPhone App or Android App, Standard Ledger will then access these to correctly account for tax and allocate to the right account within Xero, ready for paying suppliers, processing expense claims and bank reconciliation.  Source documents are stored electronically allowing you to access them online anytime, and meet the needs of record keeping for the ATO, avoiding the need for paper. Check out our Receipt Bank FAQ for more information.

Spotlight Reporting & Cashflow Forecasting

Standard Ledger has engineered Spotlight Reporting & Forecasting into the core of our CFO Services. Because we believe passionately that fore-warned is fore-armed we’ve included Spotlight Reporting even in our entry level CFO Lite Service so you can be better informed.  We’ll work with you to define our end-of-month reporting processes.  And when you’re ready we’ll work with you to build a rolling 6 month cashflow forecast so you’re managing your runway.  Spotlight Reporting & Forecasting charts demystify the traditional sea of numbers.  Coupled with Standard Ledger’s CFO
services you now have more timely, actionable analyses than ever. 


PwC is a leading provider of R&D Tax Incentive services. PwC assists over 1,500 companies with their R&D Tax Incentive claims each year. These companies range from multi-nationals to early stage startups.  PwC is the creator of Nifty R&D an online collaboration platform that streamlines the preparation and lodgement your R&D Tax Incentive.  Standard Ledger uses PwC’s Nifty R&D platform to collect information from you, record project information and eligible expenses and have PwC review the claim for lodgement.


Alphastation provides emerging companies communication solutions to help secure funding from private investors and government sources.

Capital raising offer documents and presentations are the main tools used to position a company ahead of the competition to secure expansion financing. Alphastation’s current success rate is 10 times the industry average

Hub Australia

Hub Australia is Australia’s premier coworking place. We believe strongly in the power of coworking to encourage collaboration amongst members and we’ve operated out of Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney locations since the early days.

Modern Risk Solutions

Standard Ledger has partnered with Modern Risk Solutions as its preferred startup insurance partner. Modern Risk Solutions is as passionate about start ups as Standard Ledger is, and are the only dedicated Insurance Broker supporting the Australian Startup Ecosystem.

If you’re just starting out and need the core Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurances, or as you grow and you’re looking at Travel insurance, Directors & Officers Insurance or Cyber Liability Insurance, Modern Risk Solutions can help. They “get” startups and will take the time to listen and understand your business to provide the right cover for your needs.