To succeed, you need the right people

And here we are

Our people

Accounting is a serious business. That’s why it’s expensive, traditionally speaking.

But you’re not traditional so neither are we. We’re not a bunch of stuffy accountants sitting around in a stuffy office.

Instead, we’re the right mix of experienced accountants supported by customer service managers and an offshore team to deliver the expertise and quality that you need at a startup friendly price.

Our directors have experience in accounting firms, venture capital firms and on the coal face, inside startups. We use this to guide our team, working together to provide affordable accounting – from bookkeeping to virtual CFO services – that grows with you.

Our aim is simply to take care of today, so you can focus on tomorrow. Here’s how we do it for Australian startups and for UK startups.

Remco Marcelis
Managing Partner and Founder

Remco lives and breathes startups. He’s not your typical accountant, which is why he founded Standard Ledger. He has worked with startups as a CFO/virtual CFO for over 10 years, following four years in venture capital and 10 years in multinational consulting/services companies. He also teaches entrepreneurial finance programs across Australia.

Michael Budnow

Michael is that finance guy. The one who helps startups grow and get the edge early through clever structuring, financial management and tax advice. The one with more than 15 years’ experience in leading accounting and investment firms. And the one who wants to use it for your startup. 

Customer Service

Fiona and Jane are our Australian customer service managers, based in Melbourne. They’ll interact with you directly as part of weekly processing and are your first point of contact for any questions about our bookkeeping treatment or service.

The Team

We use a dedicated offshore team for most of our day-to-day work. They rock at doing your books accurately and on time, and are an integral part of our service. You’ll hear from them as they have queries on doing your bookkeeping, payroll or tax.

We help startups become stayups