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Smarter cash flow management…

Smarter business. Because when you’re in control of your cash flow, looking six months out, you’re in control of your business. You know what’s coming and you can act accordingly, from accelerating your growth plans to seeking a line of credit from your bank.

Your cash position is as unique as your business so your cash flow management requires financial advisers who can build financial models specifically for you. It requires advisers who can help you recover debts and get capital. And it requires advisers who are experienced in high growth businesses.

Working smarter also means outsourcing your day-to-day accounting, tax and bookkeeping. Our affordable, efficient service will save you time (without locking you into a contract), leaving you free to work on your business, not in it.

“Standard Ledger’s
streamlined bookkeeping
services just work,

How we can help you

Bookkeeping & Payroll

Save yourself the cost of having someone on your books for this. You won’t look back.


Is there anything better than outsourcing this (except outsourcing to an affordable service with a simple onboarding process)? Try it and see for yourself.

R&D Tax

We work with PwC and Catalyst solutions to do your R&D tax as efficiently as possible. We can help you access R&D funds in advance too.

Virtual CFO

Our CFOs are experienced in high growth businesses. They know how to get you to the next level and beyond.

Cash Flow Management

With our experience and the latest software we can understand your cash position and develop models for smarter cash flow management.

Capital & Grants

We’ll help you understand your options, from a line of credit to grants and investors. And we’ll prepare the financial records needed to help you succeed.

“Standard Ledger has been instrumental in helping us formulate our structures and financial models.”

Ajeet Singh

Founder & Director

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Meet the team who who will make your life easier

Remco Marcelis
Managing Partner and Founder

Michael Budnow

Customer Service
Fiona and Jane are our Australian customer service managers, based in Melbourne. They’ll interact with you directly as part of weekly processing and are your first point of contact for any questions about our bookkeeping treatment or service.

The Team
We use a dedicated offshore team for most of our day-to-day work. They rock at doing your books accurately and on time, and are an integral part of our service. You’ll hear from them as they have queries on doing your bookkeeping, payroll or tax.

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