Terms & Conditions 



At Standard Ledger we base our relationships with clients on clear, concise and open communication, and an open and transparent approach to services and pricing. It’s one of our fundamental points of difference and one of the things our clients say they like about us.

So much so that we’ve put together some further descriptions of how we work / charge in certain areas so that (unlike other accountants) you know where you .. and we .. stand. Check out our transparent approach for further information.

We recognise that this is different from traditional accountants but that’s exactly the point – we’re non traditional as are our clients.

Now for some of the more legal-ese …

These engagement terms set out our respective responsibilities, rights and obligations for all work that we perform for you. You may accept these terms by giving us written or oral confirmation. This document sets out our basic terms and conditions of business, which, together with our engagement letter will apply to all work Standard Ledger undertakes for you with respect to this engagement. If there is any conflict between these terms and our engagement letter, the engagement letter shall prevail to the extent of the inconsistency. For the purposes of these terms, “Standard Ledger” includes its partners, employees and all its related entities.

1. Our services

1. Services provided

These engagement terms and any proposal, quote or engagement letter prepared for you (whether orally or in writing) set out the scope of services you have requested. Our work will not extend beyond that scope unless we agree in writing. We will not give you expert legal or commercial advice.

2. Your obligations

You must provide clear, complete and timely instructions and all necessary information to enable us to provide services effectively, including access to appropriate members of your staff, records, documents, technology, systems and premises as necessary. You must tell us immediately if we have misunderstood you or made incorrect assumptions. Standard Ledger shall be entitled to rely upon the accuracy of all information provided by you, or by others on your behalf, without independently verifying it. You retain responsibility for the use of, or reliance on, advice or recommendations supplied by us in the delivery of the services.

3. Assigned professional

We will assign the appropriate Standard Ledger professional(s) to work with you based on the nature of the work and timing involved. Only those persons working with you are obliged to advise you or disclose information to you.

4. Authority

Where the services include Standard Ledger dealing with or assisting in the management of your records and/or other information held with or by any third party entity (including without limitation Xero, the Australian Tax Office, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and any other government agency or authority) on your behalf, you expressly authorise Standard Ledger to do so and agree to grant Standard Ledger all relevant access to enable it to perform these services. Where applicable, this includes electronic file access to your Xero account(s) and electronic AUSkey access with the Australian Tax Office.

5. Other services

We may also offer you, either in our own right or on behalf of others, other services such as technology, legal, insurance and banking services. We may require you to enter into a separate agreement for each of those services. You authorise us to pass on your details where you indicate to us, whether orally or in writing, you’d like to take up any services we offer or refer.